Somonte, los puños en la tierra

Documentary about Somonte farm (Andalusia), an example of landless labourers who have collectivized the difficulties to overcome them with fight and dignity.

About the documentary

In the fourth region in Europe with more poverty, with nearly 37% unemployment according to official data of the Spanish National Statistical Office, the council of Andalusia wanted to sell the Somonte farm: 400 acres located within 11 kilometers of Palma del Rio, in the province of Cordoba. These lands could provide many jobs under public administration, now its done under the management of the people, thanks to the five hundred labourers of Andalusian Workers Union (SAT) that occupied the land on 4th of March, 2012.

In the documentary "Somonte, los puños en la tierra" a group of Andalusian labourers will show how land occupation allows them to overcome situations of dire need such as unemployment, evictions and the difficulties to feed themselves. In the day to day of the community, the cast of the documentary will propose a reflection on the options to escape from the crisis, from a collective and legitimate point of view, to achieve employment, food and dignity.

A member of the team was able to celebrate the first month of occupation with the Somonte community, and it's been thanks to this strong relationship that we managed to shoot a documentary with the trust and proximity from the families that fight for their land. A fight that relies on the solidarity of hundreds of people and collectives originary from different villages in Andalusia, Spain and the rest of the world.

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COMSOC - Comunicació Social encourages since 2008 a communication and transformative education through different tools. In particular this documentary has relied on the cooperation of specialized technicians to promote food and popular sovereignty. This concept was set by Via Campesina in 1996 and is presented as one of the most powerful alternatives to the food, poverty and climate crisis.

People, who constitute part of this group, assembly and self-managed, believe communication and freedom of expression as human rights that must be consolidated beyond the institutions and companies. Communication understood as the opportunity to teach and learn from others, as an opportunity to generate collective knowledge. Consequently, we advocate the free flow of information and pursue open licenses (Creative Commons) against Copyright.

The post-production of the documentary will feature the work of Metromuster, an independent producer who has experienced with art, communication and politics since 2010. Its main objective is to contribute to social change through the empowerment of all communities and collective groups who are fighting, alternative ways of understanding the living spaces and the recovery of historical memory forms. He recently received the award for Best Documentary at the Malaga Film Festival with the audiovisual Ciudad Muerta.

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If you are curious and keen to find out more about the collectives appearing in the documentary, here's their websites. As you can tell, local meets global, for a social change.


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